Giorgio Piola is a world renowned Formula 1 illustrator and in 2017 designed and launched his own range of timepieces. I was invited to direct two TV commercials to promote the new luxury brand and products. Shooting on location at Giorgio’s home in Italy, I wanted to capture the man at work and then bring those designs leaping off the page into 3D. To do so we rebuilt the watches from CAD data, sketched and animated the designs to create a pencil drawing look and feel.

The first task was to put together a storyboard to sell the idea to the brand managers. As we had some early 3D watch data on file, we were able to use a mix of illustrations and basic renders to portray the concept. Video production took place before the real watch began manufacturing, so we were tasked with producing a realistic final render that also showed off the internal mechanism to encourage early adopters of the brand.

We also produced several different duration edits for use across linear TV, digital and social media. Off the back of the success of this initial commercial, we produced a wide range of additional renders and designs for print and in support of a subsequent kick-starter campaign. 

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